Success in Class

Teaching Priority Skills with Success Predictors

You’ve just read a story in class and want to do a quick comprehension check. Using Success Predictors will help you instantly become a better teacher. Success Predictors are research-based practices that help you monitor progress of each priority skill.

Every reading teacher knows there are priority skills children need to read well: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. These skills tell you where to place your instructional emphasis. The Pearson literacy system prioritizes skill instruction so you use your time wisely. "These priority skills are clearly identified for each grade level, and they’re different for each grade level," says Pearson author Sharon Vaughn. "The reason priority skills have a strong emphasis in Reading Street is that not every skill at every grade level is equally important."

Teach the Right Skills at the Right Time!

Priority Skills Make You a Better Teacher As a busy teacher, you need to set priorities.
Priority skills tell you what to emphasize and at what point in time.

Now What? Do My Kids Really Get It?

Teaching priority skills is half the story. How do you know if your students understand the priority skill you’ve just taught?

The Pearson literacy system is the only reading/language arts curriculum for California that embeds research-based Success Predictors for each priority skill. These are your instant, on-the-spot guides to making sure students really, really get it. The idea is to catch misunderstandings right away, before they take hold. This is how you prevent the achievement gap and teach responsively.

Don't Wait Until Friday!

Preventing the Gap on the Spot Research-based Success Predictors, such as Word Reading for Phonics, let you know students are on track.

What Are the Success Predictors?

Each priority skill has its own Success Predictor. During the lesson, the Pearson literacy system helps you monitor progress of each priority skill with a Success Predictor. Look for the "Don’t Wait Until Friday!" boxes in the lesson plan. Here, you’ll find the priority skill, the Success Predictor, and a clear and reliable strategy to reteach the skill or adjust your instruction on the spot. The following list indicates both the priority skill and its corresponding Success Predictor.

A Closing Thought: One Less Worry

California teachers face many challenges—including classroom diversity, grouping, lesson preparation, and test scores. Prioritizing skill instruction and embedding research-based Success Predictors directly into the lesson plan gives you one less worry. The Pearson literacy system provides predictors that tell you if your students truly understand the priority skills. After all, if students perform well on these skills, there won’t be an achievement gap.

Dr. Edward J. Kame'enui - Program AuthorDr. Edward J. Kame'enui
Program Author

“We can make powerful predictions about a child's reading success and difficulty early to inform instruction responsively.”
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