How can we prevent the gap?

"Prevention and early intervention," says Pearson author Dr. Edward Kame’enui, "are supremely more effective and efficient than later intervention and remediation for ensuring reading success."(1) Kame’enui, who also served as a principal writer of the California framework, reflects a research-based approach to literacy instruction.

The literacy curriculum must be highly responsive and proactive. It must prevent reading difficulties from taking hold. The Pearson literacy system is a multi-tier curriculum designed to serve your district’s RTI (Response to Intervention) initiatives. The focus of prevention is on the elementary years where reading difficulties take root. Pearson continues a rigorous approach to personalize learning in middle school and high school.

1 The Seven Essential Elements of Intensive Reading Instructional Support. Presentation by Edward J. Kame’enui ©2002.

California Standards Test in English-Language Arts*

Wide disparities in achievement Students who scored at proficient or above varied widely across subgroups, making change imperative.

* Closing the Achievement Gap: Data reported from the California 2006 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program.

Pearson hallmarks to prevent the gap

  • Focus on priority skills and strategies at each grade level
  • Research-based success predictors at the elementary grades to build foundational skills
  • Scaffolded instruction from week to week and grade to grade
  • Concept development based on Grant Wiggins's
    Understanding by Design
  • Rigorous and systematic progress monitoring to prevent misunderstandings right away
  • Integrated and extensive language and vocabulary development that supports
    deep conceptual understanding
  • Online personalized learning
  • Fully aligned intervention to accelerate English language development

Dr. Edward J. Kame'enui - Program AuthorDr. Edward J. Kame'enui
Program Author

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