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Pearson Literature Program Components

Pearson Literature was developed specifically for California and is based on the most recent reading research. Pearson Literature is a standards-based program dedicated to providing the instruction and skills students need in order to measure up to California’s high standards. A wide range of program resources supports teachers and students in working towards standards mastery.

  • California Student Edition
  • California Teacher’s Edition
  • California All-in-One Workbook
  • Universal Access
  • Reader’s Notebook
    • Reader’s Notebook, On-Level Version
    • Reader’s Notebook, Adapted Version
    • Reader’s Notebook, English Learner’s Version
    • Reader’s Notebook, Teaching Guide
    • Reading Kit: Reading and Literacy
  • Independent Reading
    • Literature Library Novels
    • Discoveries Readers (Grades 6-8)
  • Reality Central: Readings in the Real World
    • Student Anthology (Grades 6-10)
    • Writing Journal (Grades 6-10)
    • Teacher’s Manual (Grades 6-10)
  • Go Digital
    • Online Student Edition
    • Online Teacher’s Edition
    • Online California Success Tracker™
    • ExamView® Assessment Suite CD-ROM
    • Hear It! Prentice Hall Audio Program CD
    • See It! Prentice Hall Video Program DVD
    • Virtual Art Museum CD-ROM
  • Professional Development
    • Professional Development Guidebook
    • Classroom Strategies and Teaching Routines
  • Classroom Management
    • Unit Resources
    • Daily Bellringer Activities
    • Graphic Organizer Transparencies
  • WordWALL Vocabulary Builder