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California Resources

Pearson Literature was developed specifically for California and is based on the most recent reading research. Pearson Literature is a standards-based program dedicated to providing the instruction and skills students need in order to measure up to California’s high standards. A wide range of program resources supports teachers and students in working towards standards mastery.

Student Edition California Student Edition

Pearson Literature is a brand new program that builds motivation and provides connections to student’s own experiences.

Leveled paired selections allow you to reach students of all abilities without skipping essential skills. You select what’s best for your students.

The Big Question provides unity and focus to both the content and the instruction throughout the unit. Built in benchmarking gauges standards mastery and determines whether intervention is needed.

Purposeful online technology that aligns with the print program empowers students to work in an interactive environment.

Teacher Edition California Teacher’s Edition

Comprehensive and easy-to-follow planning and instructional support:

Built-in differentiated instruction help's teachers match selections with student proficiency levels.

Step-by-step teaching guide with direct instruction to help newer teachers or those using the series for the first time

Unit-level pacing plans show you how to navigate through the program, cover all of your standards, and monitor and benchmark student progress.

Extended vocabulary support

Teacher Edition California All-in-One Workbook includes:

Writing support for every selection

Standards Review Worksheets

Vocabulary Builders

Grammar Workshops

Complete support for every selection

Test preparation, scoring rubrics, and more