More Accessible or More Challenging?

Built-in Leveled Selections Are the Real Deal

Stop looking all over for the right text for your classroom. Pearson Literature pairs leveled selections right in the Student Edition. You can choose a More Accessible or a More Challenging text to match with the general reading level of your classroom. Make sense? You bet!

Leveling the Playing Field

Not all students read at the same level. Superintendent O'Connell's report, Closing the Achievement Gap, makes this abundantly clear. A wide disparity of reading achievement exists in California classrooms. Pearson Literature is designed to prevent reading difficulties and support struggling adolescent readers who haven't yet acquired sufficient skills. It's also designed to challenge students and avoid that "way-too-easy" feel.

What makes Pearson Literature a perfect solution is that both selection pairs—More Accessible and More Challenging—help you teach the very same literary skills and California standards. Comprehensive practice and support are also provided for both selections. No other literature curriculum for California offers this kind of leveled support.

Teach the Right Skills at the Right Time!

Teach with Confidence Choose a More Accessible or More Challenging text.
Both texts target what students need to stay on grade level.

How Do I Know Which Selection to Teach?

It doesn't take long. Literature teachers get to know their classrooms right away. But Pearson Literature gives you precise qualitative measures to validate your teaching and your selection choices. A quick, easy-to-read accessibility chart in the Teacher's Edition is the key to differentiated instruction for universal access.

Expert Advice When You Need It

Accessibility at a Glance Which text do I use? Qualitative measures help you make good instructional decisions.

Why Choose Any Other Literature Textbook!

Teaching with leveled selections is a research-proven way to build successful, confident readers. Students will be turned-off by reading if the text is too hard, and they’ll be bored if it’s too easy. Only Pearson Literature provides leveled selection pairs in the Student Edition for Grades 6–10. Pearson Literature gives you a clear choice. Teaching students with the right text is the first step to preventing reading difficulties and closing the achievement gap.


Want to Learn More?

Download this professional development article by Pearson Literature author, Dr. Harvey Daniels entitled, "Leveled Reading Selections: A Key to Differentiation."

Dr. Harvey Daniels - Program AuthorDr. Harvey Daniels
Program Author

“Decades of research warn us that students grow fastest when they study text that’s precisely leveled to provide challenge without frustration.”
Click Here to read the article,
“Leveled Reading Selections
A Key To Differentiation”
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