What's a literature program doing in elementary school?

Pearson Literature California helps you prepare sixth graders for the rigors of
middle school with a highly supportive literature anthology.

  • Introduce an extensive collection of short stories, drama, poetry, and

  • Focus on ideas of self discovery, helping tweens imagine, reflect, and see
    themselves in the future

  • Teach word knowledge that allows students to read literature and unpack

  • Engage tech-savvy tweens with an incredibly robust digital path

  • Prepare students to better demonstrate mature and grammatically correct

Download your 5-Day Lesson Plans

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Reading Street California.

Grade 6 Unit 1

Unit 1 Lesson Plan

Grade 6 Unit 2

Unit 2 Lesson Plan

Grade 6 Unit 3

Unit 3 Lesson Plan

Grade 6 Unit 4

Unit 4 Lesson Plan

Grade 6 Unit 5

Unit 5 Lesson Plan

Grade 6 Unit 6

Unit 6 Lesson Plan